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Outdoor Storage Sheds in West Virginia - Compare Costs For Wood, Metal & Plastic

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An easy way for homeowners to acquire more usable space and increase their property values is through the construction of storage sheds in West Virginia custom built to their specifications. Before contacting one of the West Virginia storage shed construction companies in our network, it is important to check the ordinances in your city regarding shed construction, make sure such a structure is allowed and obtain the appropriate building permit.
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Other things to consider when storage sheds are being planned include the size and design of the structure, whether or not it needs to be insulated, what items will be stored inside and whether or not the shed will need electricity. If you do not need any of these features, then consider installing a smaller garden shed. A good building plan is vital to make sure you get the shed you want at a price you can afford. It may be less expensive for you to obtain your own permit rather than pay your contractor to do it. A simple phone call to your county licensing and permit department can get you answers to most if not all of your questions regarding the construction of a storage shed on your property.

Say Goodbye to Backyard and Driveway Clutter

One of the biggest complaints that most homeowners have is that they never seem to have enough storage space on their properties for items that are not being used regularly. However, this problem can easily be remedied by erecting a storage shed on your property.
We have contractors on hand who will be able to design and erect a storage shed that will complement the rest of your home’s appearance – the days of having to put up with an eyesore of a building are long gone. You will be able to choose the materials needed to build it and advise our contractors how much space you will need to store your possessions.
An added advantage of using a storage shed is that it will protect your valuable items such as motorbikes, ride-on mowers, boats, bicycles and anything else you own from the elements. This will enable them to last a lot longer. If you would like to learn more about having a practical and attractive storage shed erected in your yard, contact us today.

West Virginia Storage Shed Costs

installation costs for West Virginia storage shedsAverage shed prices can vary greatly because of the many options available in terms of size, design and amenities. The simple wooden storage sheds West Virginia that include a door, a couple of windows, a roof and a ramp are usually the least expensive options. Extra amenities such as a large barn door or garage door that rolls up, electricity, a second story, a unique roof style, a finished interior or other more expensive additions will raise the cost. It can be less expensive to have a metal shed constructed because the framing of the structure is simpler and such a project tends to be less labor intensive; however, metal sheds are not as attractive as wood in most cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need building plans or prior permission to erect a storage shed in my yard?

This will depend on the size and type of storage shed you would like to have built, as well as whether your local council or municipality requires plans and prior approval for a project like this. However, our contractors will be able to advise you in this regard, and if permits and/or plans are needed, assist with obtaining these as well.

2. Will my storage shed be waterproof?

Our contractors have been carefully pre-screened to ensure that they only work with high quality materials. Any structure built by them will also be completed according to current industry standards. The materials chosen to build your shed will also play a part in determining whether it will be waterproof or not.
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